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Introduction to our academic dress

 Our company is chiefly engaged in making the chairman robes for the academic evaluation committee, the tutor’s regalia, the doctoral regalia, the master’s and bachelor’s gowns. Welcome you to come here to make your choice!.

 Origin of the academic dress:
 The academic dress for graduations started in the 12th when universities
first began forming. Standard dress for scholars was clerical garb. Most medieval scholars had made certain vows, and had at least taken minor orders with the church so clerical robes were their main form of dress to begin with. By the time of England's Henry VIII, Oxford and Cambridge began using a standard form of academic dress, which was controlled to the tiniest detail by the university. Since the foundation of Harvard University in 1636, academic dress became popular in America. Later, the American Council on Education stipulated clearly the system of academic dress that all the universities and colleges must obey and published the first code on academic apparel.
 At the beginning of this century, Chinese academic dress was classified into two types: one was the so-called European style, represented by Italian and
English styles; the other was the American style, also called the new style.
The academic dress was brought to China by Christian missionaries as the
supplement to the missionary schools. The appearance of Chinese academic dress can be dated back to the mid 1920s or earlier. In 1994, Academic Degree Commission of the State Council published “Advice on Recommending the Use of Academic Dress”and began to standardize the system of the Chinese academic dress.
 The occasions of wearing academic dress:
 Academic Degree Commission of the State Council stipulates that the academic dress can only be worn by the students who have obtained the academic degree,
the students who are pursuing the academic degree, the principals of school or colleges who confer the academic title to the students, the chairmen and
members of Academic Degree Evaluation Committee and the tutors of graduates on such occasions, the thesis defense meeting, the ceremony of conferment for degrees, the ceremony of conferment for honorary doctoral degree, the graduation ceremony and the celebration ceremony of colleges and universities.

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