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Custom-tailored academic dress

1.the types of custom-tailoring: various styles of the academic dress.
2.First article assurance: the first article should be assured by the customer on the designs, fabrics and colors, and then production in batches would
3.Price: the price of the custom-tailored academic dress can be negotiated
according to the styles and the fabrics.
4.Contract: contracts shall be signed for the custom-tailored academic dress,
and will be carried into effect after the payment of the deposit.
5.Deposit and terms of payment: for the order of the single one or a small
quantity of the dress (less than and including 50 sets), deposit will be 100% of the contract value; for the order of more than 50 sets, deposit will be 10% of the contract value (paid when signing the contract), 60% paid after the first article assurance, and 30% remains paid after all the delivery and the
examination of the goods.
6.Copyright announcement: the designing copyrights of the custom-tailored
academic dress will belong to both parties if the designing fee is paid by the customer, and neither party is allowed to transfer for usage without the agreement of the other party. Otherwise it will belong to Shanghai Jiedi Garment-Making Co. Ltd.

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